Is Proud to offer you a complete, quality solar pumping system
for all your “Off Grid” pumping needs.


We have combined the High Quality Solar PV Collector with a High Volume Solar Pump to allow you to have the freedom and the reliability you can depend on, for long term usage.


Forget Wind Energy…Solar is the is the answer for those remote deep wells to water Livestock or Irrigate.

Share a pond without the hassle of building a fence across the middle. Maybe you just want to pump fresh water from your creek and ponds where you need to keep livestock out of the water source. We have the answer “Our Acme Solar Well Pumping System”.

When looking for a solar water pumping system you should compare the voltage, volume and controls.Our Solar units provide more volume with less direct sun for longer pumping times each day.Our system uses a very powerful 320W, 36V PV solar panel to allow the pump to deliver more water at a lower light and for longer times than most other systems.



Did you know the Head Lift is always figured from the water level, not the depth of the pump.

Water your Livestock!

solar-panels-Real-RanchersCows-with-solar-waterer men-installing-solar-pump-with-tank

Irrigation for Crops!

The Acme Solar Water Pumping System will also work GREAT for Organic Farming systems where water from a pond or from rain water storage is a must. It can be used to “Flood” irrigate or with a timer controller. It can also be used with a soaker hose type of watering.


Solar Pumping System Price $ 3400

  • 2 – 160 W PV Panels
  • 1 STP 1.38 DC Solar Pump
  • Controller
  • Low Water Shutoff
  • Tank Float Shutoff
  • 100′ of control wire & mounting brackets

Pump and Use Water from your Water Source Anywhere!
All It Takes is the Sun Shine!

Our System also includes a low water shutoff to keep the pump from burning up if the water level drops. It also includes a float control to prevent wasting valuable water resources and we include up to 100 feet of control wire at NO additional charge!

We use a stainless, brushless, DC rotor pump for long life and dependability!
Our Pump is designed to fit in a 4″ well casing or can be suspended with cables and floats for watering from a pond, lake or other water contaminents.


Acme Energy Pumps and Control Boxes


Our Pumps and Controllers Will Do Your Job with Ease!
** Our Pumps Deliver… **

  • 5.7 gpm @0-15′
  • 5.1 gpm @ up to 60′
  • 4.4 gpm @ up to 100′
  • 2.4 gpm @ up to 150′

Compare this to most Systems and you will see Our Pumps deliver more water when and where you need it!

**As with all of our Solar Systems the pump system qualifies for additional tax credits, good through 2016. **

Don’t be the last to learn that we can control what we use for fuel as well as the price we pay! Go Solar Today!

A Complete Unit Priced Right To Get You Up And Going!


Get Off The Grid Today!!

tank-and-pump-set-upAnd Always Remember If your interested and have questions

CALL or EMAIL US! We would be Happy to Hear from YOU!!**




Your printable Brochure for Our Acme Energy, LLC Solar Pump

Acme Deep Well Pump Printable Brochure page 1

Acme Deep Well Pump Printable Brochure page 2