ACME Energy Solar Hot Water Heater


Our Acme Solar Hot Water Heater Has Many Uses!

Furnace Boilers, Swimming Pools, Spas, Domestic Hot Water,

Homes, Floors, Shops, Garages and More….

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Built For Quality, Sold With Pride

Acme Energy…
is proud to offer a Solar solution for your water heating needs! You don’t have to use expensive electricity to have hot water there is a better way!

We are now working with Lucky Energy to offer you a Top-of-the-Line Solar Water heating unit that is PROVEN to heat your water almost year around and will supplement your heat demand in the winter as well.

If you use a sidearm or coil with your Outdoor Wood Furnace,You would no longer need to burn wood all Summer to keep your Hot Water Supply going! Just add one of Our Solar Hot Water Heaters!
Our units can be used in many applications or in conjunction with existing systems, like Outdoor Furnaces, Swimming Pools, Green Houses, Hot Tub,  Household Water Heaters, almost any place you need to heat water for your home. The Good News is you will see your energy bill drop, this Unit will pay for it’s self faster than most investments, with little risk.


This Acme 235 Model With Our Solar Hot Water Heater only $5800
This price includes our Acme Furnace Model 235 sold separately at $4500 Our Acme 235 Model  produces 235,000 BTU and will comfortably heat 5500 sq. ft. Our Solar Hot Water Unit Priced at $1400 separately

If 235,000 BTU isn’t Big Enough to Handle Your Load take a look at Our Acme 340!


This Acme 340 Model has a whopping 340,000 BTU and will heat 8500 sq. ft.with Our Solar Hot Water Unit you pay $6700 This package includes Our Acme 340 Model Furnace sold separate is Priced at $5400 and Our Solar Hot Water Unit $1400.00

Acme Energy provides a Top-of-the-Line Solar Water heating unit that is PROVEN to heat your water almost year around and will supplement your heat demand in the winter as well.

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 Our solar units are totally independent and will operate off it’s own Solar power


This Pump that only Operates when the Sun is Shining pumps faster in bright sunlight and slower as the sun loses it’s strength. The water drains back into the furnace when the sun is down or weather won’t cooperate, this also protects it from Freezing. Your well insulated, Acme Furnace, stores the hot water until needed then transfers it with a water-to-water heat exchanger to your water heater. This basically transforms your water heater to an insulated storage tank, saving you money every month on your water bill.

Our solar units are designed using Evacuated Tubes that are Independent, so if one fails it can be replaced without disturbing the rest of your unit. They are designed so NO water flows through the tube itself , even if you break a tube, there is NO water loss.

online-pic-of-unit-diagram1Solar Hot Water System

This State-of-the-Art design uses an efficient Quasi Tracking style tube, meaning that it is designed more rounded on the inside to keep the maximum amount of surface pointing at the sun at all times. This greatly improves the Effiency and the output of the Solar unit.

Solor-mass-connection_0002The Technology is Incredible and Efficient!
The VACUUM TUBES heat an Element on the end that mounts directly into the Heat exchanger tube. This greatly reduces the risk of water pockets that will freeze in your system and it also reduces the maintenance of the system. You don’t use expensive special heat transfer fluid, just water.



Our Unit processes 3.4 gallons of water per minute and raises that waters temperature 5 degrees each time it passes!


Acme Energy’s Solar units are high quality, durable, and complete with the Solar Collector tubes, Aluminum Frame, Exchanger Housing(manifold), DC Solar Powered pump, Collector Panel , making this a totally self contained, off-the-grid system. Our Solar Unit can be added to almost any Outdoor Water Furnace with only a small amount of effort.

This is an Amazing unit to heat your water, pool, spa and more..






This Solar System includes:



20 Evacuate tube Solar collectors with manifold and  stand

Solar 60 watt Panel

12 volt DC Pump

Make A Difference Now!

Use Less, Pay Less, You Won’t Regret It!

We offer underground insulated Pex line, pumps, heat exchangers and No Charge Customer Support to assist you with installation or we can help find a qualified installer.

Evac Tube Caps

Evac Tube Caps

Frame with Manifold

Frame with Manifold

12 Volt DC Pump

12 Volt DC Pump

60 Watt Solar Panel

60 Watt Solar Panel






Take advantage of the 30% tax credit…
A Credit that can be used on the entire system and offered through 2016, making this the perfect time to do our part to help the Earth,(and your wallet) GO GREEN!


The Sun is the perfect Renewable Resource and one of the few that is provided without any effort, or without any harm to our environment.
So,Why Not?

Contact us and we will be happy to help with all your Solar needs!
Stop paying the Big Electric Bill to Enjoy Hot Water!

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