Lt Stone 2 Furnace picureAcme Furnace Company is the Parent Company of Acme Energy.

We Built High Quality Outdoor Wood/Coal Burning Furnaces at the best price around. Simple to use, top quality Stoves to heat your home, shop, garage, barns and more. These boiler units can heat using your current forced air furnace, hot water floor systems, replace or supplement your fuel burning boiler and in ground heat pumps to mention a few. Check us out at for more information!


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We offer 3 Sizes of Furnaces and You Pick Your Colors!

Acme 235 heats 5500 Sq / 235000 BTU

Acme 340 heats 8500 Sq. / 34000 BTU

Acme 735 heats 15,000 Sq. / 735,000 BTU


thumbs_charcoal-and-black-735-with-235 Acme Big 735 and Acme 235



IMG_0050Acme Furnace with Solar Hotwater Heater added for use during Summer Months to maintain use of Domestice Hot Water Coil with out burning Wood.





Lt Stone 2 Furnace picureAcme 235’s and 340’s



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