Agreement Between Us And Taliban

With a familiar bombast, we are told not to worry – that the United States, if it violates the terms of this agreement, will return to Afghanistan with overwhelming force. But what to do? Are you fighting the Taliban? Strengthen afghan security forces? And how many innocent Afghans will have perished in the meantime in this failed peace experiment? From a government that, in the last six months, has abandoned the Kurds of Syria and underestimated the Palestinians, it is hard to imagine a strategic U.S. counterattack against Afghanistan, when the Taliban inevitably violate the terms of this agreement, but just enough to harm the Afghans and not enough for our American forces to be redeployed. It is totally absurd to think that the Afghan government and the Taliban will find an outcome for Afghan women that is in line with our values. The fact that the United States reached this agreement without a clear statement of our expectations for women`s rights is one of our principles and that is precisely why we have fought so long and hard. Simply abandoning the plight of Afghan women to intra-Afghan dialogue is a massive abandonment of the American and international responsibility to support universal human rights. Let us be clear: the Taliban will never give Afghan women the respect and place they deserve in future Afghan society. The fact that the U.S. government thinks otherwise is either the culmination of naivety, or the deliberate abandonment of these women, or both.

However, experts point out that the agreement between the government of U.S. President Donald J. Trump and Taliban leaders is only the first step toward a lasting peace. The biggest challenge, they say, will be negotiating an agreement between the Islamist fundamentalist group and the Afghan government on the future of Afghanistan. Many Afghans, exhausted by a war that has killed thousands of people and forced millions to flee, fear that a U.S. withdrawal could trigger new conflicts and ultimately allow the Taliban to regain control. Having led all U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan from 2011 to 2013, I have my own perspective on this agreement based on practical and lived experience. As I have said publicly, the Taliban are not trustworthy; their teaching is incompatible with modernity and women`s rights; and, in practice, they are not in a position to invoke the internal controls and organizational discipline necessary to implement a distant agreement like this.

Not only does the Taliban not respect the so-called peace agreement in Afghanistan, but it will not bring peace. The official Agreement of the Taliban in the United States outlines a series of discussions that would continue into the future between the United States, the Taliban and the Afghan government. Yet ongoing violence, particularly against innocent civilian communities, largely denies the value of these discussions.