Travel Agency Partnership Agreement

XYZ is a thriving and evolving travel agency and we want to offer a partnership between the ABC Hotel and the travel agency XYZ. 3.4.6 undertakes to follow the orders of the partner or customers of the partner according to the terms set out in this contract. Our agency offers a wide range of packages that include: The Affiliate Program – a mutually beneficial collaboration program “” with the partner site. Internet resources or sell tourism products online and online. This program allows partners to use on their websites and banner links that lead to the pages of the site, or link with IDENTIFICATION partners, and get for the manufacture of this medium and completed orders, financial compensation. Offer – The product or service through the partner`s websites or affiliate network from agents to related companies or individual users who may or may not accept or launch it to promote or use it as a customer. 3.3.2 reserves the right to refuse to change the details of the transfer after booking the order, but will endeavour to change the details. Non-recovery or the possibility of obtaining proof of insurance is considered a reason for termination at the discretion of the company. 2.2 Transfer service costs are set by the customer and are available on the website or via Creative – a static or animated image in a square or rectangular shape, a text or a combination of both, HTML code, executable script, interactive modules (Adobe Flash, Microsoft SilverLight, Oracle Java, etc.) designed to trick an end user into clicking on or interacting with them to follow an Internet hyperlink that belongs to or is controlled by

The partner has its own favorite Creatives formats, but can expand this list after consultation with the client. 2.1 Under this agreement, the partner undertakes, on behalf of himself and because of, to search for customers on the internet in order to provide transfer services via