Meet Keith And Lynette Porter


Keith and Lynette Porter are the Owners of Acme Energy, LLC and also the Sister company Acme Furnace Company. Married 21 years and have a wonderful daughter Michaela.

Acme Energy, LLC is Located in Macon Missouri


Keith was about to retire from his 32 year job, when he came up with the plan to design and sale the Best Outdoor Furnace, at a reasonable price. Hours of work and planning paid off when his first furnace was a reality. Our motto here at Acme is “Built for Quality Sold with Pride!” This is perfect for how we try to do business at Acme Furnace Company.

Acme Furnaces are built by Black Creek Welding. Black Creek Welding is owned and operated by a wonderful Mennonite family the Hostetler’s. Black Creek Welding is the Company We Trust to execute the task of building Our Furnaces, with attention to detail, quality workmanship, morels and values Second To None!

Acme Energy, LLC began with an idea to make an Outdoor Wood/Coal Furnace that would be easy to operate, easy to maintain and above all be well worth the money you were investing in our unit. Acme Furnace tries to keep cost down with out jeopardizing our quality! We have grown by leaps and bounds and now we can supply you with everything you need to get your furnace hooked up and running! We can provide you with heat exchangers, underground piping, sidearms, shaker grates, pumps and boiler treatment to name some of our products. When you compare our prices you’ll see huge savings to our customers!

We have shipped our furnaces all over the United States for customers and some to Canada. Our business is growing bigger every year. The important thing is we’re not too big that you can’t call us and ask us questions before, during and after you buy Our Furnace. If you have a question and you can’t find the answer here on our Website……

Call Us! Email Us! Which ever works best for you!