Venmo Cardholder Agreement

The Venmo Debit card is issued by Bancorp Bank and your use is subject to the agreement of Bancorp Bank, as well as the agreement of the First Chamber Court. Please refer to the Venmo Mastercard deposit agreement for the terms and conditions applicable to the Debit Venmo card. In case of contradictions between this agreement and the Venmo Mastercard cardholder agreement, the Venmo Mastercard Cardholder Agreement regulates your use of the Debit Venmo card and your relationship with bancorp in the magnitude of such a conflict. You agree to comply with all the terms of this user agreement. The terms and conditions include an agreement for the resolution of disputes by arbitration on an individual basis. They also agree to comply with the following additional guidelines and to each of the other agreements, the that apply to you: “Pre-authorized Payments” is a kind of billing agreement that allows an authorized merchant to receive regular payments from your Venmo account (for example. B every month or otherwise in a routine billing cycle), and if these payments vary, you have the right to inform the merchant of the amount and date of the transfer at least 10 days before the transfer. If the merchant provides the option, you can only get this advance notice if the amount of your pre-authorized payment is outside a domain between you and the dealer. As a guarantee that your obligations under this user agreement will be fulfilled, you grant us a right to pledge and interest in security and money in your Venmo account and all other funds in our possession. Venmo Account Balance/Alternative Account Periodic Statements. You are responsible for keeping an overview of your balance available. As a general rule, merchants are not able to determine their available balance.

It is important to know your available Venmo account balance before making a transaction. You can get information about the amount of funds available in your Venmo account by using the Venmo app or by visiting Venmo`s website. This information, as well as a 12-month history of card transactions, you can log into your Venmo account You also have the right to get a written history of 24 months of card transactions by sending an email to or by calling 1-855-204-4090. You do not automatically receive paper excerpts. Unless otherwise stated in this Agreement, you collect or pay taxes that may result from your use of our Services. The above information and documentation and the results of all verification procedures are shared by the Iedo with Venmo and may also be used in accordance with venmo`s privacy policies (Venmo`s privacy policy and the issuer`s privacy policy, which are available under, are jointly referred to by the “program`s privacy policy”). If you accept this agreement, you recognize and accept the program`s privacy policies. You cannot transfer or transfer the rights or obligations you have under this user agreement without our prior written consent.

We may transfer or transfer this usage agreement or a right or obligation of this Utilization Agreement at any time. Replacing the card. If you need to replace the card for any reason, call 855-204-4090 or email to request a replacement (Venmo usually responds to emails within 24 hours). You must provide personal information that may contain the 16-digit card number, your full name and your knowledge of the card`s transaction history.